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When it seems that nothing can surprise you…

The main goal of this project is to immerse the viewer into the world of upcoming events.

Its main feature is to distract a sophisticated audience and bring it to the world of non-intrusive and truly interesting advertising.

This project will really test interest and expectations. Such videos can easily become a part of a brand’s modeling of advertising or a well-thought-out game with the viewers. This format is ideal for:

1.         The evaluation of the ad effectiveness even before the start of the advertising campaign or event.

2.         Drawing attention to remarkable events, world and domestic premieres.

3.         The presentation of a new idea or service.

4.         Conveying the possible upcoming sensations and new emotions.

5.         Scaling the advertising campaign due to the attraction of all possible groups of the target audience.

It’s like “a breath of fresh air” in the advertising industry.

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